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failover/teaming NICs on rs2600, HPUX 11.31 (v3)

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failover/teaming NICs on rs2600, HPUX 11.31 (v3)

We just got these new servers and would like to setup it's 2 NICs for failover. On Windows this is called "teaming" in which both nic's are seen as one Virtual IP address. Is it possible to do this on HPUX and if so how do I do it?

I've played a little bit with the "VLAN" but can't seem to get this to work. Maybe I just didn't config it properly.
For my VLAN setup lan0 was config'd with an IP, Lan1 was not. In the VLAN setup I select lan0 and gave is a VLAN id 1 with a name "nesaweb" accepting all the remaining defaults. Id came back with a "VLAN5000" enabled. I then tried to give is the sme IP but it was "already in use" I then unconfig'd teh lan0 IP and reassigned it to the VLAN5000. I could not see the box on the netwrok. In trying to tie in lan1 to teh VLAN all I could do was create another vlan in which I speced the same info as the first vlan.

Somehow I think I'm doing this all wrong.
Is this possible and how do I set it up?

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Re: failover/teaming NICs on rs2600, HPUX 11.31 (v3)

Unless you want to write your own scripts to do link health checking and failover, the best thing to do is purchase and install Auto Port Aggregation on your rx2600. You can then setup the two NICs for Active/Standby or Active/Active. There will need to be some setup on the switch side two for best results - Link Aggregation Control Protocol and all that.

If you start doing VLANs, you also have to start enableing them on the switch(es). VLANs are a tool for a different purpose. Go with APA.
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