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FTP routing could be wrong


FTP routing could be wrong

Hi there,

Im trying to connect to our server via FTP with a client example FileZilla, but its not getting response back. It excepts username and password but cannot connect. The strange thing is, I can connect via command line successful.
To give some back ground, we moved offices but the servers is still at old location. The only thing that changed is the fact that we use new IP's to connect to our servers. This seems to me to be a routing problem. Could any one of you guys please help me with this routing.
Where can I first look for problems, because networks say all access is there.
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Re: FTP routing could be wrong

it could be a proxy-server problem?
the ftp-client may by default use the explorer settings and use the configured proxyserver to access the ftp-server, whereas ftp from the command-promt does not and accesses the ftp-server directly.

can you explicitly disable the proxy-server in your client?