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Hi all,

I have on Blade C3000 with 3 Blade server (4 nic for all blade server) and 2 Gbe2c Switch with 16 downlink port and 5 uplink port.
Now I have to configure with hyper-v (host failover cluster) but I don't have experience with gbe2c and i don't find best practice for "gbe2c hyper-v" configuration.
I have to configure switch in redundant configuration and some netowrk (Lan, Dmz, Internet) and also all Hyper-v network (Live migration? Heartbeat?)...)
How i can configure this? I need setting uplink port in Vlan to collegue to some switch (Lan, Dmz, Internet)? I need use Hp teaming on Blade server and Vlan to make all network that hyper-v requires? I need use Hyper-v virtual switch for create all network?

I am new with this configuration. Can you help me?