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GVRP and VRRP co-existence

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GVRP and VRRP co-existence

Is it possible that both protocol exist in one LAN?

I know that I need to define my VLANS differently on two core switches if i use VRRP.
(owen/backup, primary-ip-address/virtuel-ip-address).

On my Core switches GVRP is enabled and whenever I define a VLAN on one switch, it is propagated to the second swicth and cannot be modified.
(Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually)

Can I modify GVRP, so that not all VLANS are registered on the other switches ?

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Re: GVRP and VRRP co-existence

hi Rainervon

you have two core switch running vrrp and multiple vlan both switch know statically each edge switch learn this both switch vlan id with gvrp
one switch fail over (power supplly or other issue)all system running on second core switch and all edge switch learn vlan second core switch

so if second core switch unknow statically vlan id and learn on frist switch all vlan whit gvrp but frist switch is down

where frome learning all adge switch and second core switch vlan id

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Re: GVRP and VRRP co-existence

Hi Rainer

I would review chapter 3 in the Advanced traffic guide.

Look at
Table 3-2. Controlling VLAN Behavior on Ports with Static VLANs

It is in the march 2009 manual.

It might be of help.