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HP 2650 Port Protection

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HP 2650 Port Protection


We use a PC software (under Winblows...) that seems to use a lot of bandwidth. We have some problems with it (frozen application) and the company that made this software is pointing the network as a source of the problem. We use 3 x HP 2650 for this network. I have no traffic specs for this application.

On the past, i saw other of my clients having messages like "Excessive Broadcasts" on their switches' log. I just want to make sure that the 2650 are not doing any traffic "regulation" and getting in the way for the application.

I'm running MSTP (we use 5 VLANs) with no QoS no L3 routing or anything fancy. All node that use the application we have problem with are on the same VLANs and all ports used are on the same switch. I don't see any messages on the switches' logs. I need to prove to the application's company that the switches are not the source of the problem.

I'll try to sniff and check the traffic. But a confirmation of the switches not doing any traffic control (like broadcast slowdown or some sort of traffic set back) would help me a lot.

All switches use H.10.74, ROM H.08.05.

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Re: HP 2650 Port Protection

The 2650 doesn't attempt to do any clever
traffic regulation.

Our site has approximately 600 of those
switches, and we have seen no trouble using
10/100 ports to 100% of their capacity.
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