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HP ProCurve 2224 port blowouts

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HP ProCurve 2224 port blowouts

I'm currently running a company network. I use a few different switches and one of them happens to be re ProCurve 2224. Most of the clients attached to this switch are all right there in the same office as the switches themselves but on client happens to be on the far side of the building. We run a standard ethernet cable from the switch to this client but what's been happening is whatever ports on the procurve I hook him up to eventually the ports on the switch burn out. I move him to another port and eventually that port will blow out as well. His situation is unique because he is the only computer that isn't in the actual office and is on the otherwise of the building. This occurence only ever happens to him. And it started happening during a 2-week long series of lightnig storms. My primary thought is that the switch us pushing out more power to co pansaye for the distance and eventually the extended increased power output is what causes the blowout. I walked along the cable all the way across the building because they don't run in the walls. It isn't touching any metal. The cable is insulated. Does this switch have a tendency to blow out it's ports or that it can't handle long distances?

Re: HP ProCurve 2224 port blowouts

Long distance has a limit, ethernet segments are 100 Meters

Get a cable tester to confirm the length. Having a longer cable would drop the signal integrity, thus working/not working/intermittant/high error rates on port.

Is the computer running some other equipment, PLC.... confirm grounding is ok.

Have you tried another computer the power supply could be faulty and inducing/not filtering transient voltages.

Are you sure the ports are faulty ?
Does cold booting the switch reset the ports ?
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Re: HP ProCurve 2224 port blowouts

you mean you now have multiple failed ports on this switch?
they also don't work for local connected workstations?

- what device is connected at the other end?
the switch is 100Mbit, nowadays most PC's have Gbit interfaces.
= when connecting Gbit interfaces you should use 8-wire connections.
= check not just for pin-to-pin connectivity, but if correct pairs are used
= check distance (as in previous post) 100m is max! 90 m. is a more practical limit beacause of losses in patch-panels and such.
= check PSU of device is in order.
= use grounded power outlets and cabling
= check grounding of the mains at both locations

As far i could find this switch is unmanaged?
and the manual is from 1998.
especially if the cabling is reaching towards the 100 m. i'd suggest replacing it with a more "enterprise-grade" switch.