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HP Procurve 2650

New Member

HP Procurve 2650

Hi i was wondering if it is possible to connect a server to the Gig T ports ?

We have tried to connect our win 2003 server directly to a Gig T port but end up only getting a 169 adress.

What might be the solution to our problem ? Are these ports switched off by default ? If so how do we turn them on ?
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Re: HP Procurve 2650

By default, those ports are enabled. But remember, ports 49-50 are dual personality. You won't be able to connect copper and fiber in both connectors.

Have you made any configuration in this switch? If so, can you post what you've made?

If not, you'll have to check elsewhere.

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Re: HP Procurve 2650

If you are running into the problem of using both fiber connections, the 2610 series switch should meet your needs. That one has two SFP ports AND you can use the 2 1000/T ports at the same time.