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HP ProCurve 5304xl

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HP ProCurve 5304xl

Hey guys im a bit new at this stuff. Im trying to access other computers that are using the modem that is connected to the switch. If it is acting as a router(the switch) am i able to connect to the other PC's? or is it not a router and just a switch so technically i cant connect to the other computers at all..

Sorry im not as technically cluey at this matter and fixing this myself would save my mates business a few dollars.

Thanks :).
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Re: HP ProCurve 5304xl


Is that Modem is a Router?

If you have the computers connected to one Switch in the same Vlan and each has an IP address in the same Subnet, so you should be able to connect to them without any problems.

If you have multiple PCs connected to one switch, but in different Vlans, you need a router to reach them, and that could be using the Inter-Vlan Routing feature on the 5300 Switch.

Good Luck !!!
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