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HP Procurve 6120xg port security issue


HP Procurve 6120xg port security issue

Hi all,


wondering if this has happenend to any of you before and/or you have a solution or direction you can point me to advance in troubleshooting this issue.


In our 6120 config we call for "port-security D1 learn-mode static address-limit 8 action send-alarm" .....basically this line was created to learn the static of 8 virtual machines and when 9 appears send alarm "log basically" ........for some odd reason this line is not only capturing the mac address, but it is disabling it (which is shouldn't since we are not using the "send disable" command).


as far as the rest of the config of the switch, it is wide open...no other port security other than that line. Very weird. I have a switch in our lab that i'm going to load the config and troubleshoot (to try to replicate since this issue is happening off location).


Any input or off the top of the head suggestions are welcome. Thanks.  


Re: HP Procurve 6120xg port security issue

Also I was reading up on the security for this switch.


Is there a possibility "eavesdrop protection" is blocking? I'm reading this eavesdrop protection automatically kicks in when port security (of any sort) is applied.