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HP Storageworks San Switch 2/16

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HP Storageworks San Switch 2/16

Hi, my question is,this morning ,I upgraded the above San Switch from v3.1.3a to v3.2.1b,which was successful. After the switch rebooted,it logged an event called Faulty Ports Monitor DOWN. Now the switch health went to DOWN. All systems connected to this switch are fine. Any thoughts as to what this error means? Thanks in advance..
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Re: HP Storageworks San Switch 2/16

Hello, something like you explain happened last weekend in our SAN,with the same firmware version. If you access to the switch with admin user and execute:

admin> switchStatusPolicyShow

You will obtain something like that:

The current overall switch status policy parameters:
PowerSupplies _2__________1
Temperatures __2__________1
Fans _________2__________1
MarginalPorts ___2__________1
FaultyPorts _____2__________1
MissingSFPs ___0__________0

This mean that if the switch evaluates that there are 2 or more ports in Faulty state switch become in a down status,and if there is 1 or more ports in Faulty state switch become in a Marginal status. Then, one million dollars question is "What is the faulty port status?", We found something in reference manual but in real tests this didn't work. Finally our solution was that we have never tested this faulty state, then we set "Faulty ports monitoring" thresholds to 0 (like disable this test)with this command:

Admin> switchStatusPolicySet.

If someone knows more about how "Faulty ports monitoring" works, please tell us!!.

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Re: HP Storageworks San Switch 2/16

Jose,thanks for the reply.This is what I have found out after talking with Support. I had upped the Faulty Ports to 6 and 6 and the switch went back to a Healthy state,until a fix comes out. Support and Brocade know about this and should be fixed in the next release. As for "Why the Faulty Ports" is that I actually plugged a bad FC HBA into a switch port and it caused that port on the switch to have a port fault(prt flt) actually on the switch and the switch then went from Healthy to Marginal.