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hp Switch 2910 vlans

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hp Switch 2910 vlans


Just bought a Hp switch to updated our network. I have a few Questions on vlans
I'm quiet new to this.
I have Enable Ip routing on the switch so the vlans can talk to each other
Vlan 1 has been set from the mac address to the dchp server
enable dchp-bootp
Vlan 1
name "internet"
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ip address dchp-boot

so the ip address to the switch is, mac address from reverstion list windows server 2003

Vlan 2
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ip address

If you give an ip address an static ip from the vlan say is that the gateway out of that vlan? e.i client machine static ip (with in the range) d/g

How Does Vlan 2 connect to the internet? Our dns server is our domain controller of

So where I need to include a router to the internet? e.i
ip route or 1
35 is our dchp/dns server
default gateway

Cheers for any advice