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IDM and "default" vlan

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IDM and "default" vlan

I've a question on how to configure IDM/IAS to obtain the following result.

We have set up IDM/IAS in a customer installation to put autheticated users in the correct VLAN based on their group membership .

This works fine .

Now the two problems are :

- Since the customer has to configure all the ports of all the switches to be port authenticator , and cannot find which ports the computers are connected to , it faces the problem of devices as printers and other peripherals which cannot authenticate .
How can we deal with it ? is there a way to "default" to a particular vlan for "unauthenticated" devices ?

- I noticed that if an AD group is removed from the list of group being synchronized that group is not removed from IDM is that correct ?



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Re: IDM and "default" vlan

You can configure exactly which ports are part of 802.1X control, it is not all or none, example:
ProVision(config)# aaa port-access authenticator 13,17-18

In IDM, after selecting the device for a location profile, you select the "Select Ports" radio button, then select the start and end ports.

You can also configure the switch for an "unathenticated vlan id" for those ports where devices do not (successfully) authenticate, example: ProVision(config)# aaa port-access authenticator 13,17-18 unauth-vid 99

How IDM handles this: "Note also
that if an unauth-vid is set and the user is rejected by IDM for any reason, the
port is opened and the VLAN is set to the unauth-vid."

For the sync question, according to the manual: The Active Directory Synchronization
will automatically update the IDM database with changes made in your Active
Directory, including new users, changes to existing users, and deletion of
users." Why it is not working for you I cannot say.