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Lacp -- optical port and RJ45 port

Occasional Contributor

Lacp -- optical port and RJ45 port

Dear all:

I got one problem about lacp.This is the case:

Our core switch is hp s7506e switch, and recently we got one huawei s5700-28C-EI which uplink to our s7506e. 

But there is one problem, my s5700 and s7507 all just leave one 10GE port. I know they cannot support lacp between 10GE and 1GE now. Because  LACP trunk can only consists of ports with the same speed, so 10G and 1G in the same group doesnt work.

Now  I want to enable lacp between 1GE optical port and 1GE RJ45 port.  May I ? They have same speed.


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Re: Lacp -- optical port and RJ45 port

As long as the media has the same speed and duplex settings there should be no issue, not sure if it's an ideal config or if it's supported (never tried myself) but it should work.