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MSM710 to controlled AP Guest Wireless VLAN


MSM710 to controlled AP Guest Wireless VLAN

I want to get a Guest Wireless VLAN underway with a new MSM controller but, so far all I have been able to do is provision an AP to the controller through the LAN. Guest wireless involves VLANs which I am not strong at yet. Can anyone offer tips on this 710 controller. Must I send the same VLAN traffic past the controller in the same VLAN or will guest traffic find it's way to the router and out to "the cloud" without setting VLANs up on switches going out to the router as well?


Re: MSM710 to controlled AP Guest Wireless VLAN

Hi Chris,

can you pls give below info.
1.For guest users u need web authentication.
2.you need Radius authentication.
3.Encryption method(WEP.WPA)
3.did u created any vlan in switch for guest users.

there will be 3 way to configure guest users in MSM 710.
1.web authentication.
2.Radius authentication.
3.Encryption method (WEP,WPA).

tel for which one u want go.