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MSTP or RSTP, is this config any goodss

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MSTP or RSTP, is this config any goodss

Hi All,

Iâ m working on a little lan and need some advice and suggestions as to which is the best way forward.

The lan is very basic, no VLANS just a flat network with around 15 Servers and 170 desktop pcâ s.

Currently all the switches have had absolutely no configurations changes, all are default except of IP Addresses.

I would like to setup trunks to and from switches and setup the network using ring method, this would help us if a single switch was to fail.

My first problem is Iâ m not sure if this design is the best way forward, so ideally would like your comments and recommendations, good or bad donâ t worry, feel free to comment.

With regards to configuring them I will be upgrading all the firmware and then setting up either MSTP or RSTP, reading around MSTP seems to be the best option but I have no idea how to configure it. My knowledge on HP is very basic so looking for real life instructions and tips here please.

Iâ d just like to make sure we are using this kit it to is potential.

Thanks in advance
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Re: MSTP or RSTP, is this config any goodss

Sorry fotgot to mention, if you feel there are any other features is should be enabling or configuring please feel free to say..

Re: MSTP or RSTP, is this config any goodss


In your case I would go for RSTP, since MSTP works per Vlan and you don't have any.


contains some easy tips, especially Holgers reply. Also the documentation for the switches you have will show you how to enable the different STP modes and operations.