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Need SNMPSET OID for Procurve "write memory"

Occasional Contributor

Need SNMPSET OID for Procurve "write memory"


Our infrastructure is mainly cisco devices, but we do have a handful of procurve switches.

For our cisco devices, we're able to send an snmpset command to copy the running config to startup:

I can execute "write mem" on cisco devices via snmpset by setting the OLD-CISCO-SYS-MIB OID . to integer 1.

On IOS 12 or newer, a different command (CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB) is needed:

Set ccCopySourceFileType to 2 (running-config)
Set ccCopyDestFileType to 1 (startup-config)
Set ccCopyEntryRowStatus to 4 (createAndGo)

I've been trying to find (if it exists), the OID for doing a "CLI" "write memory" via SNMPSET on our procurve devices.

Can anyone shed some light?

Thanks in advance,