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Nexus 5Ks Reporting TCNs from Nortel/HP C-GbE2

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Nexus 5Ks Reporting TCNs from Nortel/HP C-GbE2

We have discovered Nortel/HP C-GbE2 switches on our network are sending spanning tree Topology Change Notifications (TCN). The HP switches only have servers connected and no other switches leading to any other network segment so we are not clear why the switches are sending spanning tree TCNs every second. We do not have a support contract.


Can anyone on what's referenced on page 5-6 of the attached document?

I found the attached document which talks about diabling  spanning-tree (page 5-6) in Cisco environment but wanted to consult with  an expert before proceding. Document (Configuring Nortel Gigabit Ethernet Switch Modules for IBM BladeCenter in a Cisco Environment Solution Brief



Model: Nortel: HP ProLiant BL p-Class C-GbE2 Interconnect Switch (336181-001)