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Optica Fiber ITU-T G.655

New Member

Optica Fiber ITU-T G.655

Hello to everybody!
First of all I'm very sorry for my English, so I ask you to be patient...

I have to connect a 5412zl and a 9408sl at 10GbE using a optica fiber according to standard
ITU-T G.655 but, unfortunally I haven't found any HP optical transceiver compatible to the standard ITU-T G.655 .
The question is...is there a HP optical transceiver that is good for optica fiber ITU-T G.655?
If not, is there any transceiver (not HP) compatible to HP and to standard ITU-T G.655 (of course it must be goog for 5412zl and 9408sl) ?

thank you very much