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PCM Agent not connecting to server

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PCM Agent not connecting to server

I have installed PCM+ 3.1. Updated it with update 4 (PCM_C_03_10_201_4).
Now I have installed 2 remote agents. The agents has been downloaded from the server and then installed.
The agents are not able to connect to the server.
They are appearing in the agent manager, I was able to activate them but after activation it says "Server password mismatch".
I have tried default settings and I entered a password on both ends manually as well but it still gives the same error.

Anybody else seeing this problem?

Any help is welcome

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Re: PCM Agent not connecting to server

Maybe I had the same trouble with IDM agent.
But I'm not sure, because it can be just my mistake.

This help me:
I create a template for new agent connection and choose to use this template in PCM+ server.
I entered all passwords manually and use option "agent initiates connection".

I use the same logic for connecting 5-7 agents and I had no trouble with it
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Re: PCM Agent not connecting to server

I think I finally sorted that out, it looks like it was a config issue. I haven't looked at the settings in the "server" tab within the agent managers window.