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PCM+ and local password on switches?


PCM+ and local password on switches?


Do I need to have same password on all switches to get PCM+ to work with software updates?
What is best practise on local passwords on switches?
Today we have different password on all switches.

Best Regards, Magnus
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Re: PCM+ and local password on switches?

yes, all switches must have the same local uid/pw for PCM+ to access them...

imho, best practice is to _not_ use local uid/pw for day-to-day mgmt access, whether it be PCM+ or someone on the network team...

configure external authentication to a radius server, and have a PCM+ uid/pw and individuals on the network team their own uid/pw configured in the radius server (or user database if not in radius)...that way when you need to make a change or lock someone out, you only have one place to make said change...

the switches local uid/pw should only be known to the senior network engr (who does not use it unless dire emergency), and sealed in an envelope and handed to a level of mgmt 2+ above in the company, with explicit instructions to not divulge unless the one who knows it leaves the company...


Re: PCM+ and local password on switches?

Is it possible to use radius login with PCM+ ?
I have setup AD-login, but can´t login with local password anymore?

Best Regards, Magnus

Re: PCM+ and local password on switches?

Now I understand, secondary login is only possibly if radius-server is down.

s1p1# show authentication

Status and Counters - Authentication Information

Login Attempts : 3
Respect Privilege : Disabled

| Login Login Enable Enable
Access Task | Primary Secondary Primary Secondary
----------- + ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
Console | Local None Local None
Telnet | Radius Local Radius Local
Port-Access | Local
Webui | Local None Local None
SSH | Local None Local None
Web-Auth | ChapRadius
MAC-Auth | ChapRadius