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PCM+ and multihomed devices

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PCM+ and multihomed devices


given that PCM+ manages devices that are multihomed by their very nature (beeing routers after all), I wonder why it has so many issues assigning incoming packets to the correct box.

When PCM+ knows a router R by IP X (X beeing on a management VLAN SVI or, let's say, a loopback interface), but R has a connected route to the PCM+, R will send its syslog packets using the source address of the interface that establishes the connected route instead of X. PCM+ then cannot associate that message with R and R's syslog tab stays empty ever after. Same vor SNMP traps.

On the K-platforms that have loopbacks, using the loopback as the management IP (the only sane way to do it if you ask me), the situation is helped a little by the statement

snmp-server trap-source loopback 1

but I cannot find any further
commands that would define the source addresses of syslog (or, for that matter, SNTP, sFLOW etc pp). And there are platforms that have no loopback interface support and nevertheless can route.

Is there a way to solve this correctly?

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Re: PCM+ and multihomed devices

I think you'll need to get onto your ProCurve sales rep and push them for these enhancements. Also mention RADIUS and TACACs requests too!