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PCM Misconfiguration Report

Regular Advisor

PCM Misconfiguration Report

I set up my PCM+ to report possible misconfigs once a week. Several months ago I removed 2 MESHes from my network, i.e. the switches are still there, but with a physical shutdown on one of the ports to not make a loop.

Now, the PCM still reports that there are MESHed ports in these "rings". Why won't PCM discover that the MESHes are gone? Furthermore, it seems that the MESH is gone on some of the switches:

The link[B1] is a NOT MESHED
port and[B1] is MESHED port.

They are neighbors, used to be in a MESH.
Occasional Advisor

Re: PCM Misconfiguration Report

Have you rediscovered the switches since you made the change?

Damn Flanders!