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Preparing for Voip

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Preparing for Voip

We are looking at Voip and the networking hardware and technologies to use. In regards to HP switches we are looking at a 5412zl as the core switch and then for the edge switches we are looking at 2610 or 2520 PoE switches.

In regards to the 2610 and 2520's what's the feeling on which one to go with?

I believe the 2520's do not support routing and therefore would not be any good in a VLAN'ed setup to split data and voice, unless you wanted to split it completely. Is that correct? Also are there other differences between the two?

With regard to using VLAN's for Voip implementations is it seen as the only option or with the QoS capabilities of the swithces can you just run IP Precedence or Diffserv on smaller networks without using VLAN's?