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Procurce 5406zl switch

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Procurce 5406zl switch

We currently use the switch connected to 2 VLANs and use a separate (non Gbit) router to control (filter) inter-vlan traffic. In order to improve performance we decided to use the switch in routing mode and implement ACLs for control.
The first test attempt used the config attached to try and establish routed communication between two specified m/cs one on each vlan. It resulted in timeouts when the 8.30 m/c ping'ed the 4.51 m/c and unreachables when 4.51 ping'ed 8.30.

On one variant we tried we even broke the communication between pcs on (the same) vlan 2. How can this happen with RACLs?

We are now utterly confused, so if anyone can help we would be most grateful!
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