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Procurve 6120XG blade switch firmware load

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Procurve 6120XG blade switch firmware load

I need to install the latest firmware on two 6120XG blades. I can go thu ILO and connect as manager and download the config but when I try to upload a software file thru the GUI it starts but then stops with IE saying you have no internet connection??

I start a TFTP server on my laptop connected to OA and then try going thru CLI with US cable but it says "peer unreachable"

I would like to use the GUI...anyone had success with this tool

Occasional Advisor

Re: Procurve 6120XG blade switch firmware load

This was how I did it


1. goto browser gui

2. configuration

3. upload/download

4.destination:   I  STARTED FROM "SECONDARY". 

5. click "upload"

6. point to the         *.SWI         file and UNCHECK  "REBOOT"


wait for a while and you will see "upload completed".


come back to the same windows s and check if the software version of  SECONDARY changed.


Then perform the same task to the PRIMARY image.