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ProCurve QoS on untagged/tagged ports

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ProCurve QoS on untagged/tagged ports

We have a network with 3 VLAN's and use ProCurve switches throughout.

Our edge switches will need to use 2 VLAN's simultaneously (1 Data and 1 Voice) using the same uplink to our core network switch. To achieve this we hope to use a combination of untagged and tagged VLAN's.

Ports on the edge switch which require voice will be tagged (VLAN-106). All other data ports will be untagged (VLAN-101).

The fibre uplink will be both tagged for voice (VLAN-106) and untagged for data (VLAN-101). This configuration seems to work okay.

We will need to QoS prioritise the voice data on VLAN-106 as a high priority.

The question I need to ask is will the uplink ports that are both untagged and tagged preserve the QoS Priority between the edge and core switches?

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Re: ProCurve QoS on untagged/tagged ports

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