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Rack mounting a Procurve 4000m

New Member

Rack mounting a Procurve 4000m

I just bought a 42U cabinet and I want to move my Procurve into it. I have two metal "ears" that screw into the front side of the switch with two small screws per side. Theoretically, this is what I use to rack mount it. However this switch weighs ~35 pounds or so, ergo I am a tad dubious about using just 4 little screws to hold all that weight.

Will it be OK, or is there a rail kit I need to buy? Thanks!
New Member

Re: Rack mounting a Procurve 4000m

The stock brackets that run the full hieght of the switch only attach with 2 screws on each side. We have had Procurve 4000m switches for years and I haven't had one fall yet.