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redundant connection

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redundant connection

Hi all,

I have a question.
We have 2 buildings with two fibre connections uplinks which are separated.

Do I have to do someting special to create some redundancy to the other building with 2910 switches connected via sfp's.
In 1 room i have 5 switches and I want one 1 go via link 1, and the last switch in line via line 2. Can this just be connected or does it require some additional programming.

I hope i'm clear, otherwise let me know.

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Re: redundant connection


you just have to ensure that you are running any kind of protocol that establish a loop free topology. When we are talking about Procurve switches you have the choice between switch meshing and Spanning Tree Protocol (STP). If you want to have a standardized protocol STP is the only option. Check internet and manuals to get familar with these protocols.


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