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Rx (only) Port Counters stop


Rx (only) Port Counters stop

Hi All,

Strange situation on a number of switches we have... all of a sudden the Rx counters of all ports on a switch in the default VLAN have just stopped dead, and we can't seem to find out how to start them up again (without rebooting the switches, which isn't too desirable).
We have a suspicion that MS NLB has been enabled and was flooding the network with multicast packets but would this cause the counters to just stop? Tx counters carry on as normal.

Any help of pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Switches in question are
26xx series
28xx series

Cheers - Mark
Honored Contributor

Re: Rx (only) Port Counters stop

In all my years I have never seen that. I would get two 'show tech all' reports from each of these affected switches and contact HP support.