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Re: sflow on hp procurve switches

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sflow on hp procurve switches


I'm a student in intership and my subject is to set up a management interface for HP procurve switches through sflow standard.

I have done some commands but I have some difficulties with sflow parameters and MIBs.

I have enable sflow on my switches (2910al) and now i want to see parameters with the CLI.

in CLI i've got that:

ProCurve 2910al-24G Switch# setmib -i 65
ProCurve 2910al-24G Switch# sh sflow 1 sampling-polling

Port | Sampling |----------------------| Dropped | Polling
-------| Enabled | Rate -|- Header | Samples | Enabled | Interval
1 ----- Yes(1) ------ 65 -- 128 ------- 0 ------------ Yes(1) ------ 20

can you help me, i don't understand what is polling enabled (so i'm french too)

and this command:

setmib -i 1

I have found this command in this forum, but i don't understand what it makes enabled.

thank you a lot for your attention and please excuse me if my english is not very well ^^


Re: sflow on hp procurve switches

The sFlow MIB is not intended to be configured using the CLI. You would be better off using an sFlow analyzer that can configure the switch using SNMP:

If you want to experiment with sFlow (and have a Linux system), then you can use the sflowenable and sflowtool command line utilities to configure and display sFlow data:
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Re: sflow on hp procurve switches

Hello, thanks to your attention

my problem is not so simple because I use HP procurve manager 2.3 to manage all the switches. I don't find how to configure my switch by SNMP.

with CLI it is possible, but it is really boring. to change the sample rate for the port 1 it is like :
setmib -i 65

I don't know how to configure the switches using SNMP and Procurve Manager...