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Sflow with Procurve 3400


Sflow with Procurve 3400


I have configured sflow on a HP Procurve 3400CL this way :

# setmib sFlowRcvrAddress.1 -o 0A010010

# setmib sFlowRcvrOwner.1 -D scrut sFlowRcvrTimeout.1 -i 100000000

# show sflow destination
sflow : Enabled
Datagrams Sent : 0
Destination Address :
Receiver Port : 6343
Owner :
Timeout (seconds) : 99897962
Max Datagram Size : 1400
Datagram Version Support : 5

I am not able to get sflow paquet on my appliance and the command sflow destination display NO datagrams sent. I am missing someting?

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Re: Sflow with Procurve 3400

Hi Stéphane,

I don't see anything which is missing. Did yuo install latest firmware? Do you have a route for on the switch?


Ingentive Networks GmbH

Re: Sflow with Procurve 3400

What sFlow analyzer are you using?

It looks like you are trying to manually configure sFlow monitoring using the sFlow MIB. This isn't a reliable way to configure sFlow, it is best to use software that supports the sFlow MIB:

With software that supports the sFlow MIB, configuration of sFlow on the 3400 is plug and play, avoiding the switch CLI entirely.
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Re: Sflow with Procurve 3400


You have configured the sFlow receiver, so the switch now knows where to send its datagrams. But you still have to configure the MIB to tell sFlow which interfaces you want to extract data from. I don't know the MIB-based commands offhand, but for the ProCurve switches that have sFlow CLI support the commands go like this for the sFlow sampler instance 1:

# sflow 1 destination
# sflow 1 polling A1-A24,B1-B24,C1-C24 20
# sflow 1 sampling A1-A24,B1-B24,C1-C24 60

The first sets the destination (which you have already done), the second sets counter polling on the specified interfaces every 20 seconds, and the third sets flow sampling on the specified interfaces using a mean packet sampling interval of every 60th frame. Hopefully you can find the appropriate MIB objects to set for the last two steps manually for the interfaces of interest to you.

If you have a non-Windows system to work with you could use the sFlow Toolkit (from InMon, at http://www.inmon.com/technology/sflowTools.php) to configure the switch in less laborious fashion.