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SNMPv3 "Initial" User

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SNMPv3 "Initial" User

I'm implementing SNMPv3 on all of our ProCurve equipment and in the course of my reading I ran across the following in the manual...

"For most SNMPv3 management software to be able to create new users, they must have an initial user record clone. These records can be downgraded, (given fewer features), but not upgraded with new features added. For this reason ProCurve recommends that you create a second user with SHA and DES at when you enable SNMPv3."

When I run the command "ProCurve(config)# snmpv3 enable" I go through the wizard to setup two SNMPv3 user accounts one with a username of "initial" which uses MD5 and the other with a username of my choosing but uses SHA for authentication. Neither are added to a privilege group.

I'm really only asking out of curiosity here, but does anyone know what this account actually does or is used for? It sounds like it is needed by some management software packages as a template when creating a new user, but the description is a little vague. Just curious if anyone has any more specific information.

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Re: SNMPv3 "Initial" User


It looks like it should create an Initial user as a part of this wizard that results with creating an SNMPv3 profile.

After that, it will clone this user name "initial" if you want to create a new user.

So any new user is Cloned from his father "initial" :)

Also if you notice that after creating the user "initial", it will ask if you want to create a new user, and you may answer with NO.

And for some reason, the father "initial" can be downgraded with less features, and thats why ProCurve recommend that you answer YES when it asks to create a new user after the father "initial".

We should respect father, not downgraded them :)

Good Luck !!!
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