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Spanning-tree menu not displayed with latest fw

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Occasional Contributor

Spanning-tree menu not displayed with latest fw

After upgrading our ProCurve switches with the latest firmware releases, we noticed that the "Spanning Tree" menu would not be displayed anymore on our 4208vl (L.10.25) and 2510-24 (Q.11.02) whereas it's still here on our 2824 (H.10.38), 2650 and 2626 (I.10.32). Whether STP is enabled or not doesn't seem to make a difference. We didn't find anything in the release notes or manuals.
At the moment we're stuck with the CLI to manage STP options, which is a bit painful.
Thanks for your help.
J-N Perrimbert - CPA
Trusted Contributor

Re: Spanning-tree menu not displayed with latest fw

The reson for that is the following:

On the menu you can only configure STP or RSTP.

But on the 2510, 2810 ,4200vl, 2900, 3500yl, 5400zl, 6200yl series RSTP or STP are no more available. Instead MSTP which is compatible with RSTP and STP is available. But there is no menu available for MSTP as there was no menu for the 2650 and 2800 either before.

But for the releases L.10.25, Q.11.02 you mentioned there is a new feature available, which is called "spanning-tree auto-edge" which is enabled by default. This setting is fine for interswitch as well as for enduser ports. So if you do not need a very specific STP configuration the CLI command is easy by just enabling STP: "spanning-tree"

Have fun