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Spanning-tree redundant links on seperate vlans blocked


Spanning-tree redundant links on seperate vlans blocked


I have 2 switches (Procurve 2610) connected on a single link with only default VLAN. Both swtiches are configured with MSTP.

Then I added another link between these 2 switches, the 2 ports for this new link on both switches are on vlan 200.

The client PC on VLAN 200 of both ends cannot talk, one of the ports on the vlan 200 link is blocked by Spannning-tree. I read the manual and got to know that I can have only one link between 2 switches by tagging the ports with vlan 200 and vlan 1 as spanning-tree would disable the redundant link.


Is it possible to use 2 links between the switches, one on vlan 1 another on vlan 200 with Spanning-tree in placed (without the port blocked)? We would prefer to have 2 links as this provide better bandwith than 1 link with both vlan traffic.






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Re: Spanning-tree redundant links on seperate vlans blocked


In theory you can do what you propose, but what you'd really want is a so called Trunk. A trunk combines two or more links into one virtual port seen by STP etc.


Have a look at this: http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/2610-MCG-Sept09-R_11_40-59918640.pdf section 12 "Port Trunking"



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Re: Spanning-tree redundant links on seperate vlans blocked

Best option would be to setup a trunk as the above poster mentions. you would then tag both vlans to the trunk and let the switch balance the load across both links.


However if you really want to keep the links for each VLAN separate then you will need to look in to setting up multiple instances within the MSTP setup. You would then assign each VLAN to a different instance and configure the weighting on the ports to force the VLAN traffic down the individual ports. You will still need to make sure that both VLANs are bound to both link ports otherwise if you have a link failure you would stop one VLAN from passing between the switches.