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Stack two 2848's together

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Stack two 2848's together

Hi, I'm not great with networking. I have one 2848 and would like to add a 2nd for fault tolerance / load balancing. Each server has at least two NIC's so I will connecting one NIC from each server to each switch.

Switch-A has two VLANs:
-- VLAN1: port 1-12 untagged, 13-44 No, 45-48 tagged.
-- VLAN2: port 1-12 No, 13-44 Untagged, 45-48 tagged.(This VLAN will also contain the gateway/firewall connection on port 48)

I was going to duplicate the config above for Switch-B, then connect port 45 together on both switches via a patch cable. Will this work? Thank you in advance.