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Static ARP in procurve 2650?

New Member

Static ARP in procurve 2650?

Hi. It appears as though the answer is no but I'm looking to create static ARP entries on a 2650. We have two 48 port 2650s. The company has dozens of sensors that transmit high volumes back to several appliances. When the sensor transmits the switch takes it and broadcasts it as it does not know which port the appliances are on. So with the type of traffic all ports are heavily affected. I figured a static ARP of IP to port or even mac to port would alleviate this but it appears this feature is not in the 2650. Thoughts?

Honored Contributor

Re: Static ARP in procurve 2650?

You could try increasing the mac-age and arp-age values, but there is no way to set them statically. I know on the 5400 series at least you could increase the arp-age to infinity.

Could you put these devices into their own VLAN to limit the affect that this flooding has on other ports?