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Swich 5700-Iscsi Jumbo Frame

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Swich 5700-Iscsi Jumbo Frame


I need to configure JumboFrame on Switch 5700 with NettAPP eSeries 2862.

Should I activate on the jumboframe vlan because I noting see to Jumboframe

and should I activate it on the port

interface Ten-GigabitEthernet1/0/32
description ES2800
port access vlan X

jumboframe enable 9000

Because ISCSI don't work.

Is there another place to configure the jumboframe ont the switch ?

And is there a doc comware explain to configure jumboframe



Re: Swich 5700-Iscsi Jumbo Frame


5700 has jumbo frames enabled by default and are 10000 bytes. They are enabled per physical port with command 'jumboframe enable [value]' if you need to change it to something else than 10000 bytes. With 'undo jumboframe enable' you can disable them. In general use 'display interface <interface_number>' command to check if jumbos are enabled and allowed size. Example:

Current state: UP
Line protocol state: UP
IP packet frame type: Ethernet II, hardware address: 5c8a-3821-5ae3
Description: Storage
Bandwidth: 1000000 kbps
Loopback is not set
Media type is twisted pair
port hardware type is 10G_BASE_T
1000Mbps-speed mode, full-duplex mode
Link speed type is force link, link duplex type is force link
Flow-control is not enabled
Maximum frame length: 10000
Allow jumbo frames to pass
Broadcast max-ratio: 100%
Multicast max-ratio: 100%
Unicast max-ratio: 100%
PVID: 21
MDI type: Automdix
Port link-type: Access
Tagged VLANs: None
Untagged VLANs: 21
Port priority: 0
Last clearing of counters: Never
Peak input rate: 10893355 bytes/sec, at 2018-01-09 02:37:21
Peak output rate: 722569 bytes/sec, at 2017-11-26 20:14:23
Last 300 second input: 1531 packets/sec 2066172 bytes/sec 1%
Last 300 second output: 928 packets/sec 71946 bytes/sec 0%
Input (total): 179536088369 packets, 249958304999518 bytes
179536088232 unicasts, 137 broadcasts, 0 multicasts, 0 pauses
Input (normal): 179536088369 packets, - bytes
179536088232 unicasts, 137 broadcasts, 0 multicasts, 0 pauses
Input: 0 input errors, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles
0 CRC, 0 frame, - overruns, 0 aborts
- ignored, - parity errors
Output (total): 107280321261 packets, 8172757501324 bytes
107252054504 unicasts, 219700 broadcasts, 28047057 multicasts, 0 pauses
Output (normal): 107280321261 packets, - bytes
107252054504 unicasts, 219700 broadcasts, 28047057 multicasts, 0 pauses
Output: 0 output errors, - underruns, - buffer failures
0 aborts, 0 deferred, 0 collisions, 0 late collisions
0 lost carrier, - no carrier


If you see similar output on all your storage-related ports and your iSCSI still doesn't work inside one single VLAN, there must be something else to look for.


Hope this helps!


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