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topology design with 5406

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topology design with 5406

One office is going to rehome and we need design new WLAN&LAN topology with HP procurve. 54xx was recommend. I'm not quite familiar with HP 54xx. Just drafted one topology with attached.

Basic info as below,
1) WAN device is cisco router, maybe 38xx;
2) In DC room,two HP 5406s(redundancy purpose) uplink to cisco router using one vlan including 4 UTPs.
3) In riser room, edge switch still to use 5406 and uplink to 5406 in DC with trunking
4) WLAN RP will connect to edge switch 5406 in riser room.

I don't know whether the topology is often used or standard and whether all switch is 5406 is ok. Or there is better choice for edge switch with 1000M speed requirement.

Appreciate your advice and suggestion. Thanks.
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Re: topology design with 5406


Your design is quit professional and looks great, and i will add some notes:

- If you can add a resilient link (like a trunk to 2x1G uplinks) between each 5406 in each riser.

- With your dual core, you should add some uplinks between both Cores if you want to add some redundancy (like 4x1G uplinks).

- In your current design, and if you have some Radio ports, so it better to separate each 4 RPs with L2 Vlan, if you have 25 users (approx) connected to one RP, you won't have more than 100 user in one Vlan for better Performance.

- Create one L3 Vlan that provides the DHCP IPs for your wireless users.

- Buy the Premium edge license for both core switches and run VRRP for L3 redundancy.

- Separate you LAN into multiple Vlans for better performance and security.

- With such redundant links between the edge and the Core switches, its better to use the MSTP as your Spanning Tree Protocol for load balancing.

- Tip: i understood that your are going to use the Radio Ports with the Wireless edge service module, and if this is the case, you can use Untag each 4 RP for one L2 Vlan, and in the WLAN assignment in the WESM configuration you tag the WLAN for your L3 Vlan that has the DHCP scope.

Use the following link for a example configuration:

If any of my comments are not clear, let me know :)

Good Luck !!!
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Re: topology design with 5406

check attached drawing
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