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Re: Trunk C-Class Nortel Switches to 5308 Needed?

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Trunk C-Class Nortel Switches to 5308 Needed?

We recently installed a C-class blade enclosure with 2 nortel switches. Do we need to setup any trunking? We've been seeing some networking problems, and I wanted to make sure it's not caused by this. At first we had problems because spanning tree was turned off, but I want to make sure trunking doesn't need to be set.
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Re: Trunk C-Class Nortel Switches to 5308 Needed?


I assume you do stacking on your Nortel switches, in ProCurve stacking can be done on Ethernet ports also, and so if you need a good bandwidth, load balance and redudancy then you can create a Trunk between switches to achieve that.

Be sure to configure the trunk from both sides on the same protocol, and HP follows the IEEE standards always and that will be the LACP protocol.

More information about trunking:

Good Luck !!!
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