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Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

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Upgrading Switch Firmware

Hi All,

If someone can provide a step by step on how-to upgrade the firmware / software on HP Switches ? Any concerns / cautions before doing so ? does it wipes the config completely ?

I have

2 x 2510G - 24 Ports Switches

2 x 2510 - 48 Ports 10/100 Switches

2510G 24Port :
Software Version : Y.11.12
ROM : N.10.02

2510G 24Port :
Software Version : Y.11.08
ROM : N.10.02

Shall I upgrade the second switch to the same version as Y.11.12, all these switches are on the same network - I was under the impression that as they have been bought together they might be on the same version of firmware / software.

2510 10/100 48 Port :
Software Version : U.11.11
ROM : N.10.06

2510 10/100 48 Port :
Software Version : U.11.11
ROM : N.10.06

I suppose we can't upgrade the ROM ?

Thanks and Regards
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Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware


If you download the software update from the Procurve site there will be an update guide in the release notes, which are included in the .zip file.
I always take a backup of the config before updating firmware, just a precaution. The update process won't wipe the config.
You don't need to update the firmware on all the switches at the same time unless a particluar issue is flagged in the release notes. Usually I find it's a good idea to update the least important switch first and have it running the newer firmware for a few days to ensure you don't have any issues with it.
The ROM will be updated by the firmware update if it is necessary (this will also be mentioned in the release notes).
So in summary, have a read of the release notes ;)
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Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

Do we upgrade via tftp or web browser ?

Any other recommendations you may have from realtime experience, as so far the switches are running fine since the last 2 days (new install).

Any suggestions on how frequently you reboot the switches ?

I think its the "reload" command which one can use to schedule the rebooting of the switch automatically.

Also, what does it means "warm reboot" ?

Does any kind of rebooting alter / resets the config file ?

Thanks for your reply
Kind regards

Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

If the switches are running fine you should have no need to reboot them.
ROM upgrades occur when they are required for firmware upgrades. If you don't mind I'll paste the relevant part of my internal switch build instructions?

(I've not got 2510s but the HP website say they do have dual flash)

Take a backup of the config!
This upgrade will first copy the latest firmware to secondary and reboot on the secondary

Read the "readme" for the firmware. Check you are not doing an upgrade that is prohibited or requires an intermediate upgrade

[Install tftpd32 software on your workstation and run it, download the correct firmware from http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/switches.htm]

"copy tftp flash {IP Address of tftp server} {flash filename} secondary"
"boot system flash secondary"
[this will reboot onto the secondary flash storage area where you've put the new firmware. If the new firmware causes a crash it will recover to the primary flash area which has the old firmware]

If all okay after [period of time, I suggest a few days/a week] with no crashes copy flash to primary and boot from that.

"copy flash flash primary"

The command "show flash" shows you which flash you are on and the versions.
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Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

> Do we upgrade via tftp or web browser ?

I'd choose tftp over the web interface (I've never actually tried it over a http/s sessions actually!)

> Any suggestions on how frequently you
> reboot the switches ?

We only ever reboot switches if they have an issue (which is qiute rare) or we've done a firmware update

> Also, what does it means "warm reboot" ?

A warm reboot is one that didn't invove a loss of power, i.e. someone running the reload command or a software issue causing a reboot. A "cold start" is where the system has powered on from being off (without power)

> Does any kind of rebooting alter / resets
> the config file ?

Nothing that you could do accidentally. The important one to remember is to save any config changes you have made ("write mem") before rebooting otherwise you lose the running config and revert to the startup config. But sometimes that's what you want to do :)

Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

when using tftp, you may need to turn off your firewall temporarily or exclude your tftp app from being blocked.
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Re: Upgrading Switch Firmware

rihatum : if you would like to safely rev up and maintain the firmwares across multiple procurve switches, then the best recommended way is do use the Management tool (ProCurve Manager plus).

It would provide a single window management capability to simply your task of firmware management across devices.

hope that helps.