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Vlan 2910 al simple question

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Vlan 2910 al simple question

I have 2 2910al switches. I will be setting up these switches to be stacked for easier managment. Both switches will be connected to my firewall. I would like to be able to do some port trunking for teaming on my servers. I will also have 3 vmware hosts and 1 iscsi SAN. I know that the preferrd method would be to have 2 vlans (servers and iscsi) but with only 1 physical server, 3 vmware hosts and 1 iscsi san I am only going to have 1 vlan.

Can someone tell me how to setup the ports to use a vlan of 172.16.1.x,,


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Re: Vlan 2910 al simple question

The switch has a default vlan (VLAN1) with all ports already untagged in the vlan.

Simply config vlan1's ip addr and add a default g/w:

2910(config)# vlan 1 ip address 172.16.1.x/24
2910(config)# ip default-gateway

for trunks:

2910(config)# trunk trk1 [LACP | trunk]

trk1 is the "new" interface comprised of the specific ports assigned to it. LACP or (HP) trunk definition. "x" is a sequential number trk[x] of the trunk interface. Then you tag or untag the trkx interface into a vlan.


fyi, get this CLI ref guide, it shows how to configure HP ProVision, HP Comware5 and Cisco switches for lots of different functions, in a side-by-side comparison, so if you know one CLI, you see how to do it in a different CLI:


There may be alot more info in there than what you need, but the basic config info is very helpful!!!!