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vlan design on HP procurve

Occasional Contributor

vlan design on HP procurve

Hi members...

i am a new bee here.. i need a help.. i am working on one five star hotel networking project. find the attached network diagram.

9 floors are there. we have a 2 HP 5406zl switch in server room. HP 2610 switches are there in each floor. Nine HP 2610 switches are connected to first HP 5406 through fiber. Another nine HP 2610 switches are connected to second HP 5406 switch through fiber. guest vlan, admin vlan, wifi vlans are created in every 2610 switch. same vlans are there in both 5406 switch. i have created vlan trunk between 2610 to 5406.

Above both HP 5406 switch, we have firewall and router. My question is, do i need to connect the both 5406 switches through vlan trunk and then connect one 5406 to firewall. whether this will create any loop.

Second question is, i have a guest vlan. guest users machine should not communicate with each other. i heard about one port isolation concept. please somebody elaborate how to do that....

Thx in advance...