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vLAN setup for iSCSI

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vLAN setup for iSCSI

Hi there,

I am looking to setup vLANs for our iSCSI Network. Currently, I have the network setup in a setup. I would like to add in a subnet for our iSCSI traffic.

One switch, our 4208vl has ports G3 and G4 LACP'd to trk2. Another switch, a 2610 will have two of the 1000/T ports lacp'd as well.

How would I put trk2 on the 4208 and trk1 on the 2610 together on the same vlan?

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Re: vLAN setup for iSCSI

Hi Randy.

On your 4208vl, you'll have to go to config level and edit the vlan you want to use.

Let's say that you want to configure VLAN 10:
switch 4208 (VLAN 10)# tagged trk2
switch 2610 (VLAN 10)# tagged trk1

hth... Yan
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Re: vLAN setup for iSCSI

Thanks for the info :)

I ran the commands on both switches, and if I run a sh vl 10 on both switches, I see the corresponding ports.

Is there anything that I need to do now between the two switches so they know about the vlan 10?

Also, now if I wanted to assign a separate IP scheme to the vlan, is that just running an ip add command on each switch's vlan 10 interface?