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Vlan with 1800-8G and 2512

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Vlan with 1800-8G and 2512

Hello to everyone! I have one issue that is limiting me a lot!

I need to build this infrastructure:

I have my central switch, an HP 2512 switch.

I have two VLAN:
vlan1 (default) - public lan on 192.168.100.x/24
vlan2 (lan) - private lan 192.168.1.x/24

port01 Router - public lan interface (vlan1 untagged)
port02 Router - private lan interface (vlan2 untagged)
port03-05 VLAN2 (untagged port to vlan2)
port06-11 VLAN1 (vlan1 untagged - vlan2 tagged) - trunk port (not trunk as hp says, but multi-vlan port)

I have put the port 06-11 to remote switches hp2512 configured in the same manner and they work flawlessy.

Between port 06 there is a wireless bridge (wds) that links to a remote hp 2512 in the trunk port and it work perfetly. I am able from vlan1 to access the transparent bridge on the "trunk" port because vlan1 goes untagged.

I have a problem when I try to integrate a HP 1800-8G switch in my infrastructure.

I don't know how to configure the HP1800-8g in the vlan page. Can someone help me? I need to link a 2512 to a 1800g but carrying two vlans, one untagged, and one tagged.
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Re: Vlan with 1800-8G and 2512

Assuming you are the VLANS>VLAN Setup page:
a) In VLAN ID field,input a number from 1 to 4094 > and click "ADD"
b) Select ports that you want to be in this VLAN and click "Apply"

More details @ page 2-25 in Management Guide (http://cdn.procurve.com/training/Manuals/1800-MgmtCfg-July2009-59916275.pdf)


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Re: Vlan with 1800-8G and 2512

I have tried, and I also read the manual but the solution is that the "trunk" aka "multi vlan port" needs to be set to: packet type ALL

then the vlan will work across a remote hp 2512 switch!
In the manual is written to set to TAGGED port only