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VLANs and Dynamic LACP 4204 VL

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VLANs and Dynamic LACP 4204 VL


i have some trouble to prevent my lacp ports (dyn1 - dyn3) from joining other vlans / default vlan.

I am using dynamic lacp with my NAS Server(supported with the broadcom and intel nics)

The Link is active (show lacp on the menu)

But i need to use vlans to seperate the Storage Network.

In the MgmtCFG is said, that i have to enabled GVRP(which mode? Learn/ Block/ Disable) on the switch and use Forbid to prevent the ports from joining the default VLAN..

Perhaps the creation of the vlans an activate the lacp must be in a special order?

Hopefully i am getting some answers here :-)

I am at my wit's end.

Thanks from Germany !


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Re: VLANs and Dynamic LACP 4204 VL

hi Marco dont use gvrp
because gvrp use only vlan aware ethernet card or radius server for user base dynamic vlan

you make create different vlan from default vlan for example vlan 2

and assign dyn 1 or dyn2 ,dyn3 interface vlan untagged port

for example dyn 1 interface 20,21

(config)# vlan 2
vlan-2)# untag 20,21

if you want this ports forbid on vlan 1
(vlan-1)# forbid 20-21


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Re: VLANs and Dynamic LACP 4204 VL


If you ask me, dynamic (passive) LACP on ProCurve switches is conceptually broken. Instead of inheriting the VLAN tagging of the member ports (provided they are consistent), a dynamically created aggregate falls back to the default VLAN, which is useless in any non-trivial network. This is documented and even consistent with some other behavioral properties of ProCurve switches, but nevertheless it doesn't make any sense in practice.

I have found no way to solve this problem easily except to configure an explicit aggregate by using active LACP instead of passive. So set up a "Trunk", configure it to use LACP, and then set the VLAN tagging on the explicitly configured Trunk. This way things work as expected.