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Vlans on 2626

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Vlans on 2626

We need some help setting up VLANs on a newly bought HP 2626.

What we want to do is have ports 1-24 act as ports for dedicated servers (Each having their own Vlan), and want to take advantage of the L3 routing features of the 2626. port 25 will be an uplink to the datacenter's router, and they will be routing a small /30 for the router, and pass a /25 for us to route ourselves. Since I'm used to Cisco, I'm unsure what commands are different in configuring our switch.

Any help would be awesome :).
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Re: Vlans on 2626

basically there is no large difference.
except for:
-interface fa0/3
- switchport mode access
- access vlan 2
- end
you need
- vlan 2
- untagged 3
- exit

for routing no other than cisco
- give each vlan it's own ip-adress
- enable "ip routing"
- add deault route "ip rout "

but then : why creating 24 separate vlan's
including 24 ip-adresses for routing?

you can also use one vlan/subnet for all servers/ports and use port-filtering to limit access from servers only to the uplink port.
Syntax: [no] filter source-port [e] < source-port-number > [ drop [ forward] | forward [ drop ]]
ProCurve(config)# filter source-port 1 forward 25 drop 2-24
you only need one vlan and one ip-address for routing.