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w2k3 IAS Radius and procurve switches


w2k3 IAS Radius and procurve switches

Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to setup IAS on windows 2003 so I can telnet to procurve 2848's and 2524's using AD login credentials.

Do I need to setup each procurve switch in IAS as a 'radius client' ?


procurve switch IAS config below

aaa authentication telnet login radius local
aaa authentication telnet enable radius local

radius-server host IP_IAS_server key xxx
aaa authentication num-attempts 3
radius-server dead-time 5
radius-server timeout 3
radius-server retransmit 2

aaa accounting exec start-stop radius
aaa accounting system stop-only radius
aaa accounting network start-stop radius
aaa accounting update periodic 10
aaa accounting suppress null-username
Honored Contributor

Re: w2k3 IAS Radius and procurve switches

hi sphar

you config true...

you see whatever problem during establish telnet connection.

please check your config show command
*show accounting :current accounting status and enable methods
*show radius accounting :list a summary of accounting statistic
*show accounting sessions:list a summary of currently active sessions

you wantsee more log info radius server log

good luck