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Unexcpected reboots Aruba JL357A (2540)

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Unexcpected reboots Aruba JL357A (2540)

Hallo everybody,

i have the following issue. We have changed all our switches to new Aruba JL357A (2540) switches. So far so good. After we changed all our switches we've got the following issue that the main switch (same type and model) is rebooting unexpectly to different times. On the main switch we've connected our Sophos Firewall (which also manage our network vlans), our vmware esx server and our internetline. The main switch has a 10g fibre uplink to our second datacenter where is also a aruba switch used, and on this aruba switch is also one vmware esx server connected. The main switch and the switch in datacenter two allows the communication throug fibre with 10g. 

As the problem start, we first think that the hardware for the main switch has an problem, so we changed the switch to another one which is also the same model and type. also we change the power cable and the power connection to make sure that we have no power issue. this steps didn't help and unfortunetly we had these unexpected reboots still again. It takes around 7 - 10 hours after the switch is booting again. We also try to use another (one step older) firmware. this is also not solving our issue. 

Does anybody has an idea what kind of problem this is?


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Re: Unexcpected reboots Aruba JL357A (2540)

Are you so kind to provide some more diagnostic information? the output of show logging -r (in reverse order = newer logs first)? sanitized running configurations would help too...you named various switches (what you called "main" shows the unexpected reboots issue)...is the issue hitting just that switch? is the IPv4 routing performed by the Firewall and all involved switches are just performing Layer 2? few more details (exact software version) would help us to help you...
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Re: Unexcpected reboots Aruba JL357A (2540)

Main switch means, that this is the first switch after Firewall. All other switches from the 1st datacenter are uplinked to this switch. Unfortunetly at the moment only by CAT not by fiber. there is a second datacenter on our campus which is connected via 10g from the main switch uplink to the switch from datacenter 2. 

The ip4 routing is performed by the sophos firewall.  We are using software version YC.16.10.0001 on this switch. 


On the events of the switch i can see that on port 8 are Excessive Multicasts. There is no more message on the events display.

And on the crash log data it says:

...Crash Log File Header..........................
Product: Aruba ID-15
Name: Aruba Module ID 15
Date: Dec 28 2019 05:36:15
Build: 261
Version: YC.16.10.0001
[24;1H[2K[24;1H[1;24r[24;1HDirectory: /ws/swbuildm/rel_ajanta_qaoff/code/buil
CPU: cortexa9
crash rec size = 1396
crash rec index = 0
boot type = POWER ON
willBootType = UNKNOWN BOOT
No Saved Crash Information


slot a:
--- Length 26
--- Rec Ptr 46dc
No Crash data available!

poe_status_port all


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Re: Unexcpected reboots Aruba JL357A (2540)

I saw at least two "Operator reboot from WEB session" logged messages...so what was going on?