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AMS - SPM Web Services Error

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AMS - SPM Web Services Error

I just set up a "test" AMS system, on an RHEL3 system. No additional configuration was done to the system other than installation of the AMS software and resolving a few symbolic links that prevented the software from starting.

On the AMS system, I can log in as root, run 'spm', and get into the SPM software. Using Mozilla, I can also browse to http://localhost:8080/spm and launch the software fine.

Howver, any time I try to connect to the AMS from a remote workstation via http://:8080/spm, the applet attempts to load for aproximately 2 minutes, then gives me the following error:

"Data from the AMS server was not received correctly. SpmClient cannot proceed. To retry communicating with the AMS server, exit the application and restart it. If that doesn't work, the AMS server may need to be restarted."

Of course, I've tried restarting the application, all the AMS services, the box, etc to no avail. Again, this is a fresh installation.

Anyone here might know what's wrong?
Thanks much in advance!!
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Re: AMS - SPM Web Services Error

> Anyone here might know what's wrong?

The first thing would be your asking a Linux
question in a Tru64 forum.

Otherwise, if some network thing works
locally but fails remotely, I'd look for a
firewall or some comparable access
restriction somewhere.