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Anon port (tcp_smallest_anon_port & tcp_largest_anon_port)

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Anon port (tcp_smallest_anon_port & tcp_largest_anon_port)

Hi all,


great day for all of you.

I have facing a problem regarding to anon port in hp-ux 11.11.

Port already used by application (status LISTENED) cannot be telnet from localahost.

When i check to list of open files openned by java using lsof (used by application), the amount is larger than range of anon port (tcp_largest_anon_port - tcp_smallest_anon_port). Before, i have reduce the tcp_smallest_anon_port but the openned by java is larger too.


workaround is restart the java or reduce tcp_smallest_anon_port.

current configuration belows:

tcp_smallest_anon_port = 10000

tcp_largest_anon_port = 65535


I am sure, someone can help me to solve this issue. I never walk alone ;)